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UX/UI Design

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My involvement with this project is purely altruistic and I offer all of my services free of charge on a charitable basis.  I joined the Snowland team during the UK lockdown no1, there was no one dealing with their digital design and there was no design strategy, branding guidelines or marketing in place just a chaotic website created with an online website builder and a handful of ideas. 
In my time here so far I have worked with other team members and key stakeholders to create a defined branding, redevelop their website, create social media channels, build and deploy a marketing strategy and develop products and projects, some of which have gone live and other are due to be released later this year.  I have also, designed and brought to market via dropshipping and procurement merchandise for the organisation.

"Snowland Journeys is a non-profit organisation which facilitates reintegration of Himalayan children, helps them maintain contact with
their families, alongside their right to education,
and develops livelihoods for mountain communities.

Snowland Journeys also provides educational experiences and mental health support for young people in the UK, as well as regenerative travel expeditions.


Gurkha Getaways

Worlds First Gurkha Training Weekends.  A two year planned national rollout.  Digital marketing strategy created as well as event planning and production.


Aviva Community Fund

Digital marketing strategy created to access a percentage of Aviva's Community Fund

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Captain Tom 100 Co-Incentive

Co-fundraiser for invited charities only.  A series of events to celebrate Captain Tom's 100th Birthday, digital marketing strategy created.

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The Island

A fundraising auction and sweepstake marketed across the UK & Europe via digital marketing strategy.   The prize, a luxury stay on a private island.

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