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Film Design


Maltese Star

TV Pilot & Theatrical Short

Production Designer & Art Director

My Roles

Production Designer

Action Vehicle Coordinator

Property Buyer

Project Background

I was approached by the Producers and Director to create the Production Design for this Second World War Pilot.  I have always had an interest in the World Wars and have always wanted to create a war film in either of the periods.  I designed this film during 2020 and the global Corona Virus pandemic and was eventually shot in the Spring of 2021 on location in Malta, Sicily and the UK. 

Designing Virtually, I needed to overcome several logistical problems, location planning, property sourcing, added information coordination and stakeholder presentations and team management.  By using Google Docs, Drive and Meetings as well as Zoom and full use of MS Suite and Adobe Creative Suite I achieved a consistent and expedited design and delivery. 

My roles were as Production Designer, Location Art Director, Property Buyer and Action Vehicle Coordinator.  Shooting in Malta we had access to a range of vintage cars, military vehicles and vintage warplanes, due to the pandemic and the grounding of several flights it was possible to get available extra flight paths for our aerial units which huge production value to the film.  To add to this I also created a production design plan for a rollout for the eventual, commissioned TV Series.


Below are some of the sketch designs that I created for the Production Book.  They form the basis of the moodboard, location recce, and storyboards for the film.

Sc.2.Streets of Valletta.png
SC2.8.lascaris- plotting.png

1939 Maltese Streets
Christina's Arrival in Valletta

script design 1.PNG

1939 Paladium Market Place
Warby Meets Christina

script design 2.PNG

1942 Underground, War Rooms, Valletta
Christina, working as Plotter

script design 3.PNG

Build & Shoot

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